The Impact of PULAU

Over the past 45 years, PULAU Corporation has grown from a small manufacturing and repair operation into a diverse, highly-responsive company that provides a full range of services around the world in the areas of training, logistics and supply chain management, supporting virtual medical solutions, government solutions and global missions.

Founded in Chatsworth, California, in 1975, the original focus of Pulau Electronics was the manufacture and repair of magnetic core memory systems, and the repair of electronic and computer-related assemblies for the U.S. Government and major prime contractors.

In 1994, to better support our customers, our headquarters was moved from California to Orlando, Florida, reincorporated in Florida in 1995, and in 2010, our name was changed to PULAU Corporation to more accurately reflect our current capabilities.

Although our corporate headquarters is located in the Research Park in Orlando, Florida, to support the Modeling, Simulation and Training industry and Team Orlando, the majority of our workforce is located throughout CONUS and South Korea, Hawaii, Germany, and Afghanistan, in support of our clients and their diverse industry sectors.

Proven excellence through quality performance: it’s not just what we do, it’s who we are.

Our Core Capabilities

We take great pride in the talented, professional management teams we’ve built across the world.

With their extensive work experience and high-level skills, our team members partner with you to ensure success.

We are committed to enhancing your logistical and supply business objectives, and with our team of experts, we have the necessary skills and business tools to exceed your expectations and achieve your goals.

Our staff of knowledgeable and field proven instructors are dedicated to providing outstanding instruction and training to your students.

Whether it be technical or organizational, no matter the environment, classroom or in the field, our seasoned instructors, mentors and operators are ready to tackle your training needs.

Operation and maintenance support is what we do. For more than 30 years we have been providing our customers with a world class team of engineers, technicians, and support staff. We make it our priority to ensure your equipment is ready whenever and wherever you need it.

Our experts have located and installed equipment throughout the United States, Germany and Korea.

We understand the proper steps to package, ship and disassemble your equipment, as well as install and test it so it’s ready for use to maximize your training effectiveness.

Our team of technicians prepare schedules, processes and engage with our vendors early and often to ensure mission success.

We offer a wide range of services designed around your facility and organizational requirements.

Our team of engineering and technical personnel are dedicated to ensuring your property and grounds are maintained to the highest standards and workmanship.

We realize the need for fully mission capable vehicles, tactical or commercial, and reliable power generation.

Our team of professionals work with you in developing maintenance support plans tailored to meet your specific requirements.

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