We’re helping to build a legacy

PULAU’s lean, agile and results-driven team is making a positive impact with the countries we support. Leading a team of international businesses, we help local citizens to ‘build a legacy’ that improves the economic and socio-economic conditions in their own communities, and the quality of life for individuals.

PULAU’s experienced team of professional companies is currently supporting DOS, USAID, AU and UN agencies, and military organizations. Our team of qualified companies and vendors are fully prepared to deploy resources, skills, capital, and technology to support the advancement of peace and security through economic expansion of developing nations.

Through strong partnerships and innovative leadership, PULAU is delivering high quality products and services worldwide by improving processes and response times, as well as lowering costs.

Proven excellence through quality performance: it’s not just what we do, it’s who we are.

Our Core Capabilities

PULAU’s mission is to provide quality training and education around the world that enables local citizens and organizations to effectively manage and lead their communities, even in austere conditions. With our proven experience and our cadre of instructors and mentors, we work with you to design a program and curriculum centered around your needs. Our offerings include traditional classroom instruction, lesson plans, training material, and hands-on training designed to test and validate student understanding and comprehension.

We are experts in putting people and property ANYWHERE in the world.

PULAU understands the complexities involved with export/import licenses, customs clearance and shipping methods, and is supported by a team of trusted, experienced subcontractors who provide an added depth of expertise and reach-back capabilities.

Together we transport assets and material anywhere via air, sea and land carriers, operate warehouses and monitor stock levels to ensure we have the right part to meet your needs.

The PULAU team of maintenance technicians provide preventative and corrective repairs to ensure your vehicles, generators, communication gear and equipment are well-maintained and ready when you need them.

The team also provides a variety of life support functions such as housing, clothing and feeding, fuel services and if needed, medical services and evacuation.

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