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TESS MILES Warehouse

In August 2012 PULAU was awarded a task order to manage operation of the Tactical Engagement Simulation System (TESS) warehouse at the National Training Center (NTC), Fort Irwin, CA. The task order is part of [...]

STOC II Medical Simulation Training Center

PULAU was awarded the Medical Simulation Training Center Instruction Support System (ISS) / Turnkey Integration (TKI) contract in June of 2012. PULAU support includes purchasing and installing multiple tiers of electronic and surveillance equipment, procuring [...]

WFF- ANA Logistics Training Team (LTT)

PULAU was awarded the Afghan National Army (ANA) Logistics Training Team (LTT) task order under PEO STRI’s Warfighter FOCUS (WFF) contract in December 2010. PULAU is providing highly qualified former/retired military personnel to provide dedicated, [...]

First U.S. Army Senior Mentor Program

PULAU successfully met all performance tasks and schedules on the First U.S. Army Senior Mentor Program. This contract was terminated in 2010 due to DoD-directed funding cutbacks. The purpose of the contract was to provide [...]

Logistics Worldwide (LOGWORLD) – Schedule 874 V

The Logistics Worldwide (LOGWORLD) Multiple Award Schedule 874 V assists federal agencies in procuring comprehensive logistics solutions. Services include the following areas that permit the deployment of supplies, equipment, materials and associated personnel: planning, acquisition [...]

MRAP Mobile Training Team (MTT)

PULAU is providing full-time instructors and maintainers to the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) support services contract. PULAU personnel reside at the Red River Army Deport in Texarkana, TX and provide training for the MRAP [...]