Quality Assurance Information

PULAU established, documented, implemented and maintains a Quality Management System (QMS) compliant with ISO 9001:2008 (ANSI/ISO/ASQC-Q9001) requirements. Our QMS is available to all PULAU employees via our corporate web page.

Once instructed, all PULAU employees are required to use approved policies, procedures, guidelines, checklists and forms. Our QMS establishes how PULAU documents, monitors and measures performance. The keys to our successful quality system are documentation, training, and verification. Processes have been developed by each of our departments (i.e. HR, Contract, Operations) to provide the operational control necessary to achieve planned results, continuous improvement of the business and ongoing customer service.

PULAU is continually reviewing the QMS’s effectiveness in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 requirements through the application of lessons learned. Every PULAU process developed and managed by the organization manager. In accordance with ISO 9001:2008 PULAU’s Corporate QMS, trained Internal Auditors conduct regular process audits.
PULAU’s QMS targets the three components of ISO 9001:2008; quality control, quality assurance, and quality improvement.

The Quality Manager works with the Program Manager to tailor PULAU’s ISO 9001:2008 compliant QMS to meet Customer RFP requirements addressing the following areas:


  • Processes needed for the QMS and their application
  • Sequence and interaction of our processes
  • Criteria and methods needed to ensure the operation and control of our processes are standardized, repeatable and effective
  • Availability of resources and information supporting operation and process monitoring
  • Applicable Monitoring and analysis processes
  • Actions necessary to achieve planned results and continual process improvement


Our QMS documentation requirements includes:

  • Statement of quality policy and quality objectives
  • Quality policy manual
  • Documented procedures and records required by ISO 9001:2008, including document control, record control, internal audit, control of non-conforming product, corrective and preventive action

Our customer-focused staff delivers superior quality ensuring our Customers are the best trained and supplied in the world

  • ISO 9001:2008 compliant Quality Management System
  • Tailored performance metrics enable rapid identification of potential problems
  • Customer satisfaction surveys conducted by Corporate Quality Manager
  • Documents and records determined by the corporation to be necessary to ensure the effective planning, operation and control of processes
  • Document retention ensuring maintenance of pertinent quality records for the prescribed timeframe.

PULAU maintains a Quality Policy Manual QMP-P-1000. Our Corporate Quality Manager is responsible for corporate wide Quality implementation. The manual includes:

  • QMS scope, including details of and justification for any exclusions
  • Documented QMS procedures
  • Description of the interaction between the QMS processes.