PULAU was recently awarded a subcontract from CALIBRE Systems, Inc. to provide operational and maintenance support at the National Training Center (NTC) for firing desk operations, range/tower support for 22 NTC ranges, and maintenance support for the Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) sites and Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) at NTC.

Firing Desk Operations: PULAU is providing personnel to man the Firing Desk 24/7/365. The Firing Desk monitors and controls activities in the range complex to include occupied status, hot/cold status as well as unit training schedules to open (go hot) and close (go cold) ranges. The Firing Desk controls access to the range complex, establishes and operates a net control station, provides weather conditions and fire alerts as required, manually and/or electronically collects/ reports data and supervises operations to ensure unified and coordinated execution of range complex and training land activities. The Firing Desk also coordinates emergency service support and provides flight advisories as required.

Firing Desk personnel are responsible to schedule and de-conflict training events, facilities, operators, maintainers, training equipment, live-fire and airspace resources. Firing Desk personnel provide the appropriate SOPs, target materials and support equipment to the using units and are responsible to capture historical range usage data and pass it to the Range Control Lead.

Range/Tower Support: PULAU provides range support technicians to provide for the safe operation and use of the standard training ranges at NTC including live fire ranges from basic rifle and pistol to platform ranges that allow training and qualification at crew level and above. The Range/Tower Operator controls all range activities – he declares the range hot, he operates the targets, and he orders cease fires. He normally shares the tower with one or more personnel from the Using Unit. Tasks include installing and verifying software upgrades, verifying tactical communications, loading the scenario, verifying that targets are operational, identifying failures, setting and resetting targets and battlefield effects simulations (BES), and printing score sheets for the Using Unit.

The Range Maintenance teams provide range maintenance support as required. Maintenance tasks include the following:

  • Run PMCS on targets and target pits, including visual inspection, checking/replenishing of moving target fluid levels, checking/replacing batteries, and checking/repairing/clearing moving target rails for damage/debris
  • Install or repair targets, including the target face, hit sensors, and thermalization
  • Load BES (i.e., battlefield effects simulation) in target pits, recover BES and return unused BES to unit
  • Repair or replace damaged TADDS (i.e., Target Lifters), load and install TADDS in target pits, remove TADDS from target pits, turn TADDS over to Using Unit
  • Load vehicles for range crews
  • Clear line of sight to target as practicable
  • Clear range of livestock
MOUT Site and FOB Maintenance: PULAU personnel maintain the MOUT Sites and FOBs to repair failures and damages to the structural, electrical system and supporting infrastructure caused by soldiers and role players during training. This includes the following maintenance and repair activities:
  • Inspect/build/repair/reconfigure/modify building sites
  • Inspect/repair/replace doors, door hinges, door latches
  • Inspect/repair/patch holes in walls and ceilings of buildings and tents
  • Inspect/test/repair electrical service in and around the buildings, including circuit breakers, power receptacles, lighting, switches, service panels and entrance wiring
  • Inspect/test/repair cameras and sound systems used in and around the buildings
  • Inspect/test/repair generators and associated utilities
  • Inspect/test/service/repair HVAC units
  • Inspect/remove debris in and around the sites, including ammunition residue
  • Inspect/clean/report any Petroleum, Oil, & Lubricants (POL) spills
  • Inspect/repair/clean FOB shelters after each rotation
  • Inspect/ service/repair/refuel propane and diesel generators during each rotation
  • Maintain/repair radios, radio remote controls and the wireless phone network
Main Supply Route Maintenance and Quarry Operations: The PULAU road and trail maintenance/quarry section operates heavy equipment such as road graders, dump trucks, and excavators to maintain the thousands of miles of roads and trails at the NTC. An assessment is made of main supply route and access road condition at the end of each training rotation, and PULAU equipment operators prioritize, schedule and complete road and trail repairs and maintenance. Maintenance tasks include filling holes, grading, transporting and emplacing crushed rock, maintaining and repairing target berms, and maintaining culverts. In addition to scheduled road and trail maintenance, PULAU assesses damage after weather events and conducts emergency repairs for weather-related damage.

PULAU also operates the NTC rock quarry. Quarry operations consist of excavating suitable rock materials and using Government furnished rock crushers to produce appropriately graded crushed rock and other base materials. Stocks of each of the required grades of crushed rock are maintained and replenished to meet all needs at the NTC.