WFF- ANA Logistics Training Team (LTT)

//WFF- ANA Logistics Training Team (LTT)

WFF- ANA Logistics Training Team (LTT)

PULAU was awarded the Afghan National Army (ANA) Logistics Training Team (LTT) task order under PEO STRI’s Warfighter FOCUS (WFF) contract in December 2010. PULAU is providing highly qualified former/retired military personnel to provide dedicated, in-depth training and subject matter expertise to assist the U.S. Army in the training of ANA Commando (CDO) Units in Afghanistan.

PULAU is providing CDO training teams, each training the following disciplines:
• Gunsmith/Weapon Specialist
• Property Book Trainer
• Logistics (S-4) Trainer
• Forward Service Support Company (FSSC) Trainer
• Administration (S-1) Trainer
• Military Intelligence (S-2) Trainer
• Communications (S-6) Trainer
• Maintenance Trainer
• Engineering Trainer

In addition, PULAU employs local Afghan nationals interpreters to assist our instructors in effectively communicating with students. The CDO Training Teams support training six days a week and 12 hours a day. The CDO Training Teams are deployed throughout Afghanistan.

All PULAU instructors/mentors assist the ANA soldiers by providing continuous training; designing activities that engage the soldiers as participants, scheduling learning topics in short segments integrated with practical exercises and activities, providing opportunities for soldiers to reflect on what was learned and how to apply their new knowledge and skill on the job, and providing immediate and clear feedback. The goal is to enhance the logistical readiness and supply operation effectiveness of units or organizations by providing supply operations with resource management and property accountability thereby advancing awareness of the Army Command Supply Discipline Program (CSDP). Day-to-day business tactics and deliberation is attentive, consistent, and coherent.